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Success Stories

Quality is never an accident. Maintaining good quality and acceptable "healthy baby birth rate" require dedication, up-to-date techniques and treatment modalities with sophisticated and well calibrated equipments. At CRAFT we have 20,000 square feet of floor area just dedicated to infertility management and genetic studies.

CRAFT Accolades

  •  First ISO 9001 - 2000 accredited Fertility Centre in India
  •  First Video Endoscopic Surgery Centre of Kerala
  •  First IUI centre of the state
  •  First PESA-ICSI [ Feb, 2001]
  •  First TESA-ICSI Baby [Testicular Sperm Baby]
  •  First centre to have Assisted Hatching baby
  •  First centre to have 4D Ultra sound scanner
  •  First centre to have a follow up centre at Middle East
Success @ CRAFT
  • Successful pregnancies after Laparoscopic surgery and IUI is at 12000 +
  • Pregnancies with IVF-ICSI is10, 000 +
  • Resulted pregnancies for Women with Azoospermic male partners is 1400 +
  • Successful Pregnancies after Frozen transfer is 2000 +
  • Our live birth rate is over 26000 + births at our centres.

IUI is a simple technique where washed and prepared healthy sperms are introduced to vagina to cause pregnancy. Since 1993, the IUI procedure alone has had a success rate of 18% to 20% at CRAFT. That's around 2500 pregnancies and 2300 deliveries [out of 13000 IUI in the last 12 years]

Endoscopic Surgeries
Endoscopic surgeries such as laparoscopy have proven very successful in correction of structural problems of female reproductive system and pelvic inflammatory diseases like endometriosis. Over the last fourteen years CRAFT has seen an excellent success rate of Endoscopic procedures.

And the statistics speaks for itself:

Total number of surgeries: 13056

Pregnancy rates after endoscopic surgeries:

  • PCOD [endoscopic ovarian drilling]: 66%
  • Pelvic endometriosis: 62%
  • Myomas [Fibroids]: 55%
  • Tubal defects and blocks: 40%

With the advent of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) our clinical pregnancy rates have shot up from 25 to 50% and our take home baby rates have risen from 20 to 44%.

At CRAFT, it is our policy not to share a third person’s sperm, egg or embryos to the couples even on request. We do not under take cases of donor sperm, donor egg or donor embryo or surrogacy at any coast. We would rather advise the couple to go for adoption in such situations.

Here are extracts of some Rare and Complicated Cases Successfully Handled at Our Centre

19 IUI, 3 IVF, 2 ICSI, few Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Hysterosalpingogram - done in several successful hospitals in UAE, Qatar & Chennai

12 attempts of IVF from different centres in Saudi Arabia and Kerala, including 3 from CRAFT, 3 ET failures, 2 Laparoscopy, 2 Hysteroscopy

Severe Semen Defects

Due to severe semen defects the couple underwent 18 donor inseminations from different centers......


Mr. X doesn't have any sperms in the semen (azoospermia). They underwent few artificial inseminations......

12 Abortions - 1996

They came to me as the last trial after an exhaustive trauma of 12 abortions......

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