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Mr. & Mrs. Shunmuga Sundaram , Chennai, Tamil Nadu

we have 100% hope that we will get a baby under your care, through your team's treatment and through God's blessings...

Smitha & Rajeev , Thrissur

I am fully satisfied with the treatment given to my wife from day one to 48 days in this hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Ashraf, the leader of the whole team...

Shubha & Sujith , Kasaragod

I am very happy to come and have my treatment here in CRAFT Hospital. I came here in very worse health condition.

Limina C M , Aluva

We are here for the treatment of infertility from September 2012. We are very comfortable with the services you provided to us.

Bindu Vijayan , Mumbai

I am from Mumbai. For the last 1.5 years, I was travelling & finally now I have conceived. I did IVF treatment 2-3 times in Mumbai but had no success....

Mrs. Varsha Siju , Thrissur

We thank you whole heartedly & our best wishes to CRAFT for all your future endeavors...

Mr. Nithiyanantham & Mrs. Murugeshwari , Chennai

On 28th August 2015, the great result came to know at CRAFT FERTILITY CENTRE, CHENNAI. After a prolonged struggle in our life, we have been transcended wholly only because of

Dr. Pooja & Dr. Sabrina , Thrissur, Kerala

The Nurses at the Labour Room were extremely helpful and helped us throughout our stay in the hospital. The Nurses at the Reception outside our Room were very polite and helpf

Mr. & Mrs. Shajil , Kannur

The service provided by the nurses at CRAFT is excellent

Mrs. Muna Said Al Sakhi , Muscat, Oman

Thank you all… Thank you for being patient with us, guiding us for whatever we requested from you.

Mrs. Rukiya Salim  ,  Muscat, Oman

At CRAFT Hospital, I found it is pretty good with very good care from all the staff, especially the PRO’s.

Mrs. Yeavelin Mukherjee , Muscat, Oman

The very first day we were very much impressed by the response of the staff. A few complaints on the hospital which I read online proved wrong. We got prompt response for the

Mr. Salim Moosa Al Tobi & Mrs. Mun Said Al Sakhi , Muscat, Oman

We were touched by the big heart of the Hospital Staff & PRO’s. Everyone was willing to help when you need it. No words can express our feeling and the time of results, it’s l

Rema and Satish , Chennai, Tamil Nadu

We are very thankful to you because after three years long treatment we found success through your hands....

Mr. & Mrs. Sathya Karthick , Tamil Nadu

More than being just professionals, I value the fact that your caring attitude was exceptional...

Mrs. Soumya , Pathanamthitta

As a patient who got positive results, I am definitely satisfied with our experience here and would like to say that as a patient, we should also have the perseverance in purs

Dr. Prabhna Kandiyil  , New York, USA

We would also like to extend our profound thanks to all of the essential members of the staff at the CRAFT Hospital who were instrumental in helping us make our wish come true

Shakeela Shanavas , Canada

When the doctors in Canada said that my surgery would be complicated, you gave me hope! (Thanks to Dr. Subash for giving me the confidence). With Allah's blessings and the ou

Tom F Joseph , USA

She was under the treatment of Dr. Steve Ory (President of the Infertility Doctors Association of America) but they were not able to diagnose / treat the problems with her mis

A Happy Couple from London , UK

We had been through a lot of other unsuccessful treatments here in London and in India...

Mr. Prasad  , 

Your noble touch and true dedication has given many a ailing couples making their dream to reality...

Ms. Shama  , 

As we celebrate her first birthday, we would like to pray for the well being and success of Dr.Ashraf ( God works through his hands) and his team of staff at CRAFT Hospital.

Yaqoubi, Saif , 

If I keep write more than 10 paragraphs I will not cover Dr. Ashraf. For more than 8 years and we were struggling from one hospital to another and from place to another place

Mrs. Rekha , Muscat

“GOD CAN'T REACH HIS HANDS EVERYWHERE SO HE CREATED DOCTORS”. After 8 years childless life and treatments (including two ICSI in Malpani’s Clinic) now I am blessed with a foe

Tasura and Family , Yokohoma, Japan

We tried to find good doctors and consulted with several hospitals in Japan & Doha... Fortunately we happened to know you by the very luck when looking at local newspaper med

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