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Reproductive Medicine

Reproductive medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with Prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems, improving or maintaining reproductive health and aiding and allowing people to have children at a time of their choosing. The field co-operates with and overlaps mainly with reproductive endocrinology and subfertility, sexual medicine and andrology. Treatment of subfertility involves complete workup of a couple which helps doctor and the couple to determine the right cause of fertility .With right fertility treatment, almost 90% of fertility patients are able to have a baby.

Reproductive Medicine @ CRAFT

At CRAFT we have an integrated team committed to work together to bring academic excellence, cutting edge technology and skilled experience in patient oriented practice, with individualized approach and customized treatment protocol towards each patient rather than blanket treatment. At CRAFT hospital, we offer our best in personal care, compassionate support and professional treatment to guide you through one of life’s biggest journeys. The physicians and staff at CRAFT hospital are committed to providing quality care and attention to patients throughout the world, regardless of language, ethnicity or location. Our goal is to help your family grow with your own gametes without any third party reproduction which includes donor eggs, sperms or donor embryos.

Our services cover all areas of reproductive medicine including intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

1. Beginning with a complete fertility analysis and evaluation of a couple and individualized treatment protocols, we are complimented with a world class IVF-ICSI lab complementing our quest for excellence.

2. The customized form of hormone treatment practiced at CRAFT aid the creation of the highest quality eggs .Such type of treatment completely eliminates the chance of the dreaded complication of Ovarian Hyper stimulation syndrome. We have a Zero incidence of OHSS till date at CRAFT.

3. We also practice single or maximum double embryo transfer as against multiple embryo transfers. This avoids complications of multiple pregnancies and guarantees and augments the health of both the mother and the baby.

4. At CRAFT we strictly follow a Non – Donor policy .We often have cases with patients with complications like very poor AMH values as low as 0.01.Here we make use of mild stimulation techniques and special additives methodology to help these patients have their own babies rather than prompting them to go for donor IVF. Hence we ensure that every patient gets the care and attention that is crucial to their actual problem rather than a generalized form of treatment.

5. With our specialized and individualized stimulation program we have hence had resulted successful pregnancies in more than 56 couples who had failed donor IVF from other center across many countries. 

It is testimonial to the our effective treatment methodology that we have treated more than 200 couples and given them their own babies and these are people who were strongly recommended for donor IVF earlier. The reproductive Medicine department is led by Dr. Sankalp Singh, MD, DNB, MRCOG (London) who is also a Senior ART consultant and a renowned IVF specialist in the country. Dr. Sankalp is also the Course Coordinator for the FNB program at CRAFT Academy, the country’s leading institute for Fellowship programs in various branches of Fertility Management.

List of doctors

Dr. Sankalp Singh
Director, Reproductive Medicine Unit, ART Consultant
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Dr. Swati Singh
Consultant IVF
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Dr. Noushin Ashraf
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Dr. Reema Basheer
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MBBS, M.S (OG), DRM (Germany)
Fellow in Reproductive Medicine, Fellow in Laparoscopy