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The Embryology Lab and the team of specialists

The most sophisticated and sought after part of an IVF program is the IVF lab and the service of a skilled and specialist team of technicians. CRAFT has an array of fully-equipped, state-of-the-art equipments and boasts of the presence of a 9 member team of highly-skilled and experienced technicians .Lead by Scientific Director Dr.Sujatha MSC, Ph. D, ELD (ABB), the only Embryologist in India, certified by the American Board of Bio-analysis, they have one of the best and specialised Embryology Centres on par with highest Global standards.

Having the country’s most High end and unsurpassed IVF facilities, the hospital is equipped with an array of most advanced and sophisticated equipments like the IVF Chamber used to create the best quality embryo, Time Lapse Video imaging capturing the growth of an embryo every five minutes for 144 hours and Laser Hatching etc. This helps to pick the best embryo out of many to facilitate the transfer of single embryo instead of multiple embryos, so that pregnancy complications will be lowered as compared to multiple pregnancies.

Another speciality at CRAFT is that we have the lab facilitated with 12 incubators – which makes sure that no more than 3 or patients are at the incubator at a time. This ensures almost nil exposure of the embryos –This is one of the best available facilities in the country where many other labs have just 3 to 4 incubators that risks exposures and inherent failures. This speciality also makes the IVF program at CRAFT one of the most successful ones in the country. At CRAFT it is always taken care that cutting edge technology is incorporated and regularly updated. No compromise on quality makes us a class apart and ensures our patients the best in the world.

Dr. Sujatha says ‘When a patient comes to CRAFT we fully comprehend the fact that she or he trusts us with the most precious part of their life .At CRAFT we give primary importance to the quality assurance that we give our patients .So no compromise is made on the facilities or faculties at the IVF Lab. Ours being one of the most successful IVF programs compared to the entire country statistics is a testimonial to the care given to our clients”

List of doctors

Dr Alex C Varghese
MSc., Phd
Chief Embryologist
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Dr. Dhannya Binoy
MD, Fellowship in Clinical Embryology
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Sargunadevi S
PGDM (Biotechnology), Ex-Senior Embryologist (UK)
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Mrs. Sreesha Viswam
Msc Bio Tech
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Dr. Raiza Ashraf
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