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Diagnostic Services

CRAFT has to its credit the finest and most advanced medical equipment for diagnosis and therapy. These state of the art devices are instrumental in making diagnostic and therapeutic procedures safer, faster and more precise.

Our facilities include:

Color Doppler Scan

  • Helps in the diagnosis of very early foetal compromise in Intra Uterine growth restriction
  • Enables management of foetus while within the uterus
  • Assists in assessing the various factors that determine the time of delivery of such critical foetuses

VOLUSION E-8  3D/4D Scan 

  • Voluson E8

    Helps witness the activities of baby inside the womb that are either difficult or impossible to identify on traditional 2D scanning.
  • Provides high quality 3D and real time 4D instantly
  • Allows identification of foetal anomalies, growth reduction etc.

Video Endoscopic System

  • Helps visualize all the internal reproductive organs like Uterus, tubes, ovaries, Pelvic Peritoneum etc and assists in all Endoscopic (keyhole) surgery
  • CRAFT is the first in the state to have a full fledged Video Endoscopic system which was established in 1990