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Success Story Of Couples From Raichur

Hi,we live in Gulf,and get to know about CRAFT Hospital by an Embryologist working in Gulf,and through my brother and through one of my friend from Kerala, we then visited the website and decided to visit CRAFT Hospital in Kerala,India.In our first visit itself they started the treatment for IVF-ICSI without wasting any time because we were married for almost 10 years.All the staff were very supportive and doctors were positive about the whole procedure.The treatment was according to the severity of our case,and expenses were in moderation.Living at CRAFT Hospital was peaceful and convenient.By the grace of almighty God and Due to the efforts of Dr.ASHRAF SIR my wife conceived twins,we came back to Gulf for rest of the pregnancy and Dr.ASHRAF SIR guide us through until my babies were born.and Alhamdullillah, i was blessed by a baby girl and a baby boy, both now enter 6th month and doing absolutely fine,both my babies are healthy and very naughty and they are growing normally.
Thanks to the efforts of Dr.ASHRAF SIR.His vision and vast experience help us to attain parenthood.MAY GOD BLESS HIM.