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CRAFT - Medical Genetics Department's First ERGA Test becomes Succesful !!

A Breakthrough in Infertility Treatment in India – Kerala’s Craft Hospital Reduces IVF Failure Rates Substantially Using A New Method

·         Craft Hospital in Kodungallur, Kerala, has enormously reduced the failure rates in IVF treatment using the newly-developed Endometrial Receptor Gene Assay (ERGA), a Real Time PCR technology

·         Rema, an Australian Malayali, gave birth to the country’s first baby making use of this method on November 24, 2014

Kodungallur/Kerala: A discovery which could bring in cheers to the thousands of people who may need infertility treatments in the future or those who have failed to get results with the popular IVF method for infertility treatment has taken place in Kodungallur, Kerala. The new method, which could enormously reduce the failure rates of the highly expensive IVF treatment to have test tube babies which is nearly 50% now, can be reckoned as a breakthrough in the history of infertility treatment in India.

It was Rema, an Indian of Kerala origin residing in Australia who failed four times to conceive through IVF treatments, who delivered a healthy baby boy through this advanced and revolutionary treatment method for the first time in the country.  The treatment which combines medical genetics and infertility treatment is turning out to be successful for the first time in India, says Prof. Dr. C. Mohamed Ashraf, Medical Director, Craft Hospital and Research Centre, who has led the team which developed and successfully implemented the new methodology called Endometrial Receptor Gene Assay (ERGA).

Rema approached Craft after three successive failures of IVF treatment in Australia in her decade long married life. After the failure of one more IVF treatment she went through in Craft, Dr. Mohamed Ashraf, Medical Director Craft and Dr. Rithu, Head, Genetics Department examined for the expressions of genes in the endometrine layer (inner layer) of her uterus and found that the genes which help the embryo to remain in the uterus are vey week. The expressions of around 300 genes which are essential for conceiving a baby were observed through Endometrial Receptor Gene Assay (ERGA), a real time PCR technology developed by the Craft team. The IVF treatment conducted after giving medication to her to make these genes stronger became successful which made Rema a happy and proud mother of the first child to have born through this treatment method in the country.

Addressing the media in Kochi, a team of senior doctors from Craft including Dr. Abdul Majeed, Head Neonatology, Dr. Noshin and Dr. Sankalp Singh, IVF Consultants and Dr. Rithu, Genetics and Bioinformatics Expert said ERGA has helped 12 more women to successfully conceive pregnancy in Craft.

 If we examine the statistics, in a year, around 6000 numbers of IVF treatments are conducted in the nearly 25 IVF centers in Kerala alone. More than 3500 of these fail making those patients loose approximately Rs.40 crores every year. Nationally, with around 600 centers, the amount of loss could be naturally staggering. People are losing crores of Rupees by conducting IVF treatments time and again without properly diagnosing the cause of the failures. This is apart from the physical and mental traumas of the patients and family members. The successive failures of IVF treatments will thus prompt the patients either to accept embryo from a donor or to discontinue the treatment. “The treatment which combines medical genetics and infertility treatment will help to avoid such huge loss,” points out Dr. Majeed.


1.    Women below the age of 24 years after 3 embryo transfer failures
Women above the age of 24 after 2 good embryo transfer failures
Repeated early abortions

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