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Couple with multiple donor IVF failures blessed with their own twins

Mr. Ravi and Mrs. Bindu Ravi from Kannur, settled in Surat and married since 19 years.

Case Summary : Primi/ ICSI/ FET Pregnancy, Twins.

 Before coming to CRAFT on 26th February 2013, the couples had undergone:

·         ICSI in 1999 at Sree Nandan Hospital, Surat (Result - Negative)

·         IVF ICSI and Donor Embryo Transfer (3 times) in 2004 at Sree Nandan Hospital, Surat (Result -Negative)

·         IUI 6 times in 2005 at Valsan Hospital, Calicut (Result -Negative)

At CRAFT, customized treatment of Micro TESA for the husband and herbal treatment for the wife was done.

First FET was done on 30th March 2014, but the result was negative. Subsequently Hysteroscopy was done on 25th April 2014 for fibroid.

Second FET was done for the patient on 27th July 2014 and the result was positive.

On 9th March 2015, a baby boy and a baby girl where born to the couple through LSCS.

Parents & both babies are doing well and good  till date.