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Mr. & Mrs. Simi Rupesh , Vadodara, Gujarat

Our experience at CRAFT Hospital is really remarkable and medical
treatments are all well above standard. Even though the beginning was little
tough, but as progressed we left so much confident on treatments and
medicines. The guarantee given by Dr. Ashraf is really a hope feeling. We have
just started the journey. The care and support given by Dr. Reema is most
blessing we have received so far. The reason behind each medication is well
explained before the treatment and so we feel highly confident in having
medicines and injections also the duty doctor Dr.Rinku is also very responsive
to all my doubts and nursing.

4 th floor pharmacy building , I would like to name it as my “Home” with
sweetest nurses sister Salma, Sruti and Aswathy. The strength they have given
while knowing the result of FET is speechless. What a patient need more than
medicines the perfectly knows it, and that is what they are good for.

After a long 7 years gap of our married life CRAFT made me the feeling of 2
month pregnancy. Thanks for the same. I request everyones prayers for
completing the test of period success.