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Bency Merin Babu , -

There is no doubt it was a wonderful journey with CRAFT team. By the grace of god, the IVF treatment was a success and God gifted me a baby boy. Due to my high risk health conditions I have decided to reside in Craft Flat during pregnancy period and it has given me to experience the service of all dept. I would like to suggest few points for improvement & development of medical service/Customer service.

I have experienced a very good service from nursing staff Especially Pharmacy 2nd floor Nurses Ms. Rinu, Ms. Athira, Ms. Vinisha, (Ms. Nidha Resigned). During my tough times Ms. Rinu’s dedicated approach was agreat relief for me and my family. More experienced and qualified nurses to be in place to get better service. Main Building 3 floor Nurses Ms. Hima, Ms. Sudha, Ms.Chinchu, Ms. Listy all were very friendly and supportive. I am thankful for all labour room & OT nurses for their services.

My baby was in NICU for 45 days I have no words to express their dedicated service they are true ‘Angles’. thanks a lot. Dr. Sankalp, Dr. Swathi, They are really gifted with Gods touch and whole pregnancy they have been me great care . God blessed me through Dr. Ashraf treatment really praying for his hard works future plan and all success in his career.