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Madhu P K , Vadassery, Palakkad

a) Doctors: Warm and nice interaction, given explanatory and detail description about the plan of treatment in first visit itself, way back in Nov 2014. Fully satisfied in their relentless efforts, special thanks to Dr. Reema, Dr. Dharmaraj, Dr. Sankalp, Dr. Swathi, Dr.
Soudhamini and doctors in Ayurveda section, and most importantly Dr. Alisha.

b) Nursing: Good nursing care given by all section OT nurses team, Expert OP section doctors, especially OT section, Labour room, ICSI
OT, Casualty, special thanks all sisters.

c) Counselling: Good counselling especially at the time of ICSI, Procedure and FET.

d) Pharmacy: Excellent Service given through the period/Craft life. Thanks to all staffs...

e) Room service others: Satisfactory