How to select best hospital for fertility treatment?

Having a baby is an incredible experience for every couple, but not all couples are able to conceive naturally. Fertility treatment is physically and emotionally demanding so it’s important to find a hospital and doctor that’s right for you. Listed below are few essential characteristics to look out for.

Success Rates

This is one of the foremost things that couples should consider in hospitals that offer comprehensive fertility treatments. Having the highest success rate doesn’t necessarily mean the clinic is the best. Some clinics avoid taking on hard cases or refuse treatment to women above age 40 with their own eggs. Understand that different rates are associated with each procedure and vary according to the age group of patients.

Facilities Offered and Technologies used

The fertility clinic you prefer should offer all the latest fertility treatments within its premises to provide maximum convenience to the couple undergoing the treatment. Andrology, Embryology, Genetics and other essential labs absolutely need to be in-house parts of the hospital. It is of the utmost importance that your clinic uses the highest standards in quality control within the labs they utilize.

Qualified & Specialized Doctors

Always check details & information about the doctors. Read, research and find out more about doctors, doctor reviews online (digital media) and offline, their qualification, specialization & experience.

Experience of Clinical Staff

A good fertility clinic will have a team of highly experienced professionals with specialization in infertility treatments. Most treatments are expensive and hence being treated by a clinic that has the best panel of experts should be a given.

Two-way Communication

The doctor must be willing to listen to your wishes and concerns. He or she must make efforts to make you comfortable and make a customized treatment plan for you. He should discuss the basics of the treatment with you.

Transparency in Cost and Procedures

An efficient fertility clinic will follow professional ethics and transparency in terms of both medical and financial procedures.

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