Male factor infertility is responsible for about 40-50% of all infertility cases. Despite its high prevalence, not much effort has been made at tackling this problem.

Low sperm count, motility and abnormal morphology are common problems. The following are some natural ways to increase sperm count and quality.

  1. ​Enough Exercise and sleep

Several studies have suggested that weight loss and exercise among people who are overweight or obese can lead to an improved  sperm count. Being overweight can also lead to several other health concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. So exercise and eat healthy to lose weight and increase your sperm count.

  1. Quit smoking& Avoid excessive alcohol

Smoking reduces sperm count consistently. The researchers have found that people who smoked moderate or heavy amounts of tobacco had a lower sperm quality than people who do not.

Excessive alcohol lowers the testosterone levels and sperm quality and quantity in men. It can even cause low libido and even impotency.

  1. ​​Take supplements- Get enough vitamins

Taking antioxidant supplements have shown to improve the sperm count. Lower levels of Vitamin D have been directly linked with low sperm count. Vitamin C supplements significantly improve sperm count and motility, while reducing the numbers of deformed sperm cells.

  1. Include more antioxidant rich food in diet

Increasing the number of antioxidant foods in your diet can help increase the sperm count, say several studies. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, plenty of water can help. Cut down high energy foods like sugars, carbonated drinks, red meat, canned and tinned foods. Maintaining a healthful, balanced is the best way to boost sperm count through the diet.

  1. Reduce Stress, have healthy sexual life

It’s hard to get in the mood when you’re feeling stressed, but there might be more to it than not feeling up for sex. Stress may reduce your sexual satisfaction and impair your fertility. Prolonged stress raises levels of cortisol, which has strong negative effects on testosterone. When cortisol goes up, testosterone levels tend to go down. Healthy sex life is always a stress buster. .

  1. Give up your tight clothes, reduce time spent on gadgets

Tight clothes, hot water bath  can make your scrotum too warm, which can have a negative impact on the production of the sperm. Excess use of mobile phones and laptops   also impair fertility as per evidence from literature.

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