The Embryology Lab and the team of specialists

The heart of an IVF program is a well-equipped IVF lab and expert team of specialist and technicians. CRAFT has an array of state-of-the-art equipment’s and the presence of a highly n skilled 9-member technician team to handle high end operation inside the lab. The team at CRAFT is led by Scientific Director Dr.Alex C Varghese MSc., PhD, the only Embryologist in India, certified by the American Board of Bio-analysis. We have one of the best and specialised Embryology Centres at par with highest Global standards.

CRAFT as a technology leader in the field of IVF-CSI in the country, the research centre  is equipped with  most advanced technologies and equipment’s , such as  the IVF Chamber to create the best quality embryo, Time Lapse Video imaging for capturing the growth of an embryo every five minutes for 144 hours and Laser Hatching etc. This helps to pick the best embryo to facilitate the transfer of single embryo instead of multiple embryos.  Hence that pregnancy complications will be lowered as compared to multiple pregnancies.

We ensure that not more than 3 patients embryos are processed in an incubator at time, this ensures almost nil exposure of the embryos. We have 12 incubators to facilitate the process at a time, which is one of the best available facilities in the country, where many other labs have just 3 to 4 incubators that risks exposures and inherent failures. These investments are made at our facility to make sure the IVF program at CRAFT is the most successful one in the country. At CRAFT we always procure and use the cutting edge technology and regularly updates the same. Our high-end facility makes us a class apart and ensures our patients gets the best in the world.

Imaging Studies

CRAFT possesses the finest and most advanced medical equipment for diagnosis and therapy. These state of the art devices are instrumental in making diagnostic and therapeutic procedures safer, faster and more precise.

Our facilities include:

Color Doppler Scan

  • Helps in the diagnosis of very early foetal compromise in Intra Uterine growth restriction
  • Enables management of foetus while within the uterus
  • Assists in assessing the various factors that determine the time of delivery of such critical foetuses

Volusion E-8 3D/4D Scan

  • Helps witness the activities of baby inside the womb that are either difficult or impossible to identify on traditional 2D scanning.
  • Provides high quality 3D and real time 4D instantly
  • Allows identification of foetal anomalies, growth reduction etc.

Video Endoscopic System

  • Helps visualize all the internal reproductive organs like Uterus, tubes, ovaries, Pelvic Peritoneum etc and assists in all Endoscopic (keyhole) surgery
  • CRAFT is the first in the state to have a full-fledged Video Endoscopic system which was established in 1990

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology is an important department for the purpose of infertility treatment by providing accurate blood test results especially hormone values to plan and execute fertility treatment effectively. The department facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. Clinical pathologists are the professionals who on the account of their special training, manages various departments of the lab such as the blood bank, clinical chemistry and biology, toxicology, haematology, immunology, microbiology etc. The department test and analyse different specimens using high-end fully automated testing equipment’s in the lab. Diagnosis is carried out on the basis of these test results.

CRAFT accommodates a Clinical Pathology department with fully automated imported machines of highest standards, clinical specialists and lab technicians. Apart from conducting laboratory tests, they perform various research in the field of reproductive medicine

IVF Lab and Embryology

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