Our work speaks….

We have incredible national and international scientific achievements making as one among the cynically best infertility centre across the globe in terms of patients care as well as academics. Our dedicated and committed teamwork has always given bundle of joy to aspiring parent.

We are the first hospital in Kerala to be recognized by the National Board of India as a teaching institute by offering us FNB (Fellowship of National Board) in Reproductive medicine and trained more than 50 embryologist  

Our publications in top most journal

A comparative evaluation of subendometrial and intrauterine platelet-rich plasma treatment for women with recurrent implantation failure – Dr Noushin Abdul Majiyd

Genuine empty follicle syndrome: role of double trigger and delayed oocyte retrieval (DTDO) – Dr Noushin Abdul Majiyd

Micro-dissection testicular sperm extraction as an alternative for sperm acquisition in the most difficult cases of Azoospermia: Technique and preliminary results in India -Mohamed C Ashraf

First prize in national conference

  • Fertivision 2020
  • Yuva-FOGSI 2021

Presentation in international conferences

  • Dr Mohamed C Ashraf –ESHRE 1997
  • Dr Swati Singh – ESHRE 2015
  • Dr Ritu Hari – RBMO 2017
  • Dr Sankalp Singh – ESHRE 2020
  • Dr Raiza Ashraf –ASRM-2018
  • Dr Noushin Abdul Majiyd – ASRM 2019, ASRM 2020
  • Dr Apeksha Sahu – ESHRE 2021
  • Dr Apeksha Sahu – RCOG 2021
  • Dr Apeksha Sahu – FIGO 2021
  • Dr Raiza Ashraf –ASRM-2021
  • Dr Noushin Abdul Majiyd – FETAL MEDICINE WORLD CONGGRESS 2021

Dr. C Mohamed Ashraf is one of the leading fertility consultant both in India and Abroad, with more than 25 years of professional experience. He is not less than an angel for those couples who have fulfilled their dream of parenthood with the help of the Dr. Ashraf. His life is dedicated for fulfilling the dreams of those unfortunate couples, their dream of parenthood. Let us take this moment to congratulate Dr. C Mohamed Ashraf for this Life time Achievement Award and we, at CRAFT Hospital, are always proud of you sir…

𝗛𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘁𝗼𝗻’𝘀 𝗰𝗵𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗮 is a rare inherited neurodegenerative disease affecting the bases of DNA in the HTT gene of humans. It is inherited as an autosomal dominant form which has a 50% chance of being passed on to children if one parent carries a copy of the defective HD gene.HTT disease affects adults and its prevalence. In India is between three to seven affected among 1 lakh people. The effect of the disease is such that the affected person usually dies within 15-20 years. Lack of awareness and no testing strategies increases the social burden. Prenatal diagnosis of HT disease becomes challenging when fetus is found to be affected and parents are left with only option of either termination or delivery a child with the struggling disease. At Argenomics , a renowned PGT Lab in Kerala and pioneers in dealing with monogene defects with greater success, we have developed first time in India haplotyping technology with our expertise to detect the HTT gene defect in embryo stage itself. After the in vitro fertilization technique embryos obtained undergoes PGT M (preimplantation genetic testing) to check the defective gene status. The present case was referred to us where mother had the HTT gene defect inherited from her father. The physical condition was not so favoring for her hence family decided that her own mother would be her surrogate. So embryos obtained from the patient herself (10 tested) were tested for the defective gene (3 embryos were found normal) and one single normal embryo in the first attempt gave rise to a healthy baby birth at our hospital. This case was challenging as developing a PGT m assay for rare disease was challenging. In conclusion treatment of such genetic diseases becomes challenging and this increases social burden. Hence employing high end technologies and expertise can help prevent genetic conditions to reoccur in family and make a healthy gene pool for our future generations and country.



Couple carriers for the Citrulinemia gene delivers a healthy baby after PGT-M

They lost a previous child affected with the condition and wanted a healthy baby.

Disease free embryos were carefully picked and transferred. Embryo details: Two normal embryos obtained. One single attempt of transfer resulted in healthy pregnancy


FET was done on 15 July 2020, 2 D5 embryos (1*2BA,1*2BC), one normal & other carrier was transferred as the couple insisted. Viability scan was done which showed a single alive I/U fetus of 6 weeks 4 days. At 13 weeks NT was done which was low risk, Pt was given option of Amniocentesis but couple refused, hence NIPT was done which was low risk. The couple delivered a healthy baby free from xeroderma pigmentosa mutation.

Congratulations Dr. Noushin Abdul Majiyid MD FRM MRCOG (UK) MRCP (IE) for getting your abstract accepted by American Society of Reproductive Medicine-ASRM. You make us all proud!

Another success story by Dr. C. Mohamed Ashraf MD DGO DPS at Medcare Hospital, Dubai.

We did it again! Our Director and Senior Reproductive Medicine Consultant Dr. Noushin Ashraf MD FRM MRCOG (UK) MRCP (IE) has successfully presented her paper at American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) on topic: “A comparative study of novel sub-endometrial and intra-uterine platelet rich plasma treatment for recurrent implantation failures”

Talk on topic “Use of Intra ovarian PRP does not increase ovarian reserve markers, ovarian response or IVF outcome in Bolgona poor responders” at ESHRE

Great achievement for CRAFT Neonatology and Anasthesia team Baby weighing 1.4 Kg was operated today for diaphragmatic hernia. Operation was very smooth and uneventful. Kudos to all Nursing staff/ Neonatology & Anasthesia team. Operation was done by Dr. Joy our visiting Peadiatric surgeon. First time we are operating a below 2 Kg neonate

Our Chief Geneticist Dr. Ritu Hari got felicitated as “CHAMPION OF ISAR“ for her dedication towards Preimplantation Genetics. She is one of the editors in framing the guidelines who also published a Chapter in the Practical PGT Guide. Swipe right to see her delivering a lecture on “Should we offer PGT?”

Dr. Murali Raj DCH, DNB, NNF delivering talk on fungal sepsis in neonates at South Neocon 2020, where He explains about a case of fungal sepsis in CRAFT. The neonate had to undergo open heart surgery to remove the fungal ball from right atrium, now healthy as ever.

What a wonderful day for us from Horizon 2019. Dr. Ashraf received Horizon Award for Excellence in Laparoscopy and Infertility and Dr. Noushin received Pearl of TOGS Award at Horizon 2019.

Dr. Sparsha presenting our PGT A data at Fertivision Delhi, which has shown favourable implantation rates. One of the first study for RIF group of patients.

Dr. Noushin Abdul Majiyd (MD, FRM, MRCOG-UK, MRCP-IE) received Young Turk Award from YOGSI at C2D2 International Conference in Mumbai.

Dr. Raiza Ashraf presenting study on “IVF outcome in women with entire cohort of oocytes having coarse granulation in perivitelline space” at ASRM Scientific Congress and Expo October 2019

Much appreciated talk by Dr. Noushin Ashraf (MD, FRM, MRCOG-UK, MRCP-IE) at Yuva ISAR

Throwback to those days when Dr. Noushin was one of the panelist on topic Mild Stimulation at ISAR 2019 Kerala Chapter

Dr. Noushin speaking on subject ‘Thyroid and Fertility’ at Diabetes Today 2019, Trivandrum.

Dr. Noushin (MD, FRM, MRCOG), speaker at All Kerala Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2019 on the topic – How to improve IVF outcome?

Dr. Noushin invited as speaker for ISAR-2019 Kerala Chapter on topic “Ovulation Induction and IUI”

The excellency of the medical team at CRAFT Hospital is not confined to the boundaries of the hospital, they also excels outside the hospital. Here is Dr. N. Murali Raj during the Neocon 2019 State Conference held at Kochi. Let us look at the pictures of Doctor while giving his talk on Newborn Ventilation.

Our Research Article on “Genuine Empty Follicle Syndrome: Role of Double Trigger and Delayed Oocyte Retrieval (DTDO)” got published at JHRS journal.

Our Senior Consultant Dr. Noushin Ashraf is 𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 as speaker at Fetal Medicine World Congress 2021.

Dr. Noushin Ashraf gave a lecture on reducing pregnancy loss after IVF in ACE conference held in Delhi
Embryology Course

Craft presence at RCOG Mumbai. Dr Noushin Ashraf explaining about Embryo transfer protocols

Proud Moment for CRAFT Family.

Dr Noushin Abdul Majiyd receiving Dr Gautham Khastagir National Researcher Award at Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).

Proud Moment for CRAFT Family.

Dr Noushin Abdul Majiyd receiving ISAR Youth Icon Award.

Proud Moment for CRAFT Family.
Dr Mohammed Ashraf receiving Dronacharya award by ISAR

Proud Moment for CRAFT Family.

Dr Reema Basheer receiving ISAR Youth Icon Award.

Proud Moment for CRAFT Family.

Dr Alisha Shafjeer receiving ISAR Youth Icon Award.

For Felicitated by ISAR-MEYER team with “Youth Icon Award ” for her contribution and work for Fertility society

For Achieving the prestigious
Dr Manish Banker Award competition.

Our Achievements

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