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Committed in providing the best possible care during childbirth, CRAFT Hospital & Research Centre has a dedicated strong team of 8 Senior Consultant Obstetricians and Foetal Medicine Specialists to manage and follow up all complicated and high risk pregnancies. Another important feature about us is the availability of Post Graduate Gynecologist and Neonatologist round the clock. State-of-art Level 3 NICU with most modern supportive facilities to take care of preterm and asphyxiated babies, are real asset for CRAFT in providing the best care to the needy.

The delivery of the infant into the arms of conscious and pain free mother is one of the most exciting and rewarding moment in medicine.


  • Labour pain is most severe physiological pain perceived by the parturient women that is equal to the severity of pain when all the bones of the body broken at once and repeatedly.
  • During labour pain, rise in heart rate and BP leads to decreased blood supply to foetus that can lead to foetal hypoxia and acidosis-foetal distress.
  • A traumatic labour may lead to post traumatic stress syndrome and post partum depression.
  • Pain causes maternal exhaustion during delivery.

Once the labour patient request for painless delivery, she will be thoroughly examined by the Anesthesiologist about her medical and obstetric problems and will be given options available for pain less delivery.

Among options for painless delivery EPIDURAL/COMBINED SPINAL EPIDURAL is luxurious and gold standard.
In this procedure small needle placed in the back to epidural space and micro-catheter intraduced through this newer analgesic ropivacaine and fentanyl will be given continues infusion by syringe pump and dose titrated to patient satisfaction.


  • Newer drugs are safer for both mother and foetus.
  • In our centre all the patients will get 90-95% pain relief, she will be completely conscious, moves her limb even can walk and voluntarily painlessly strain during baby delivery.
  • During this painless labour duration under the supervision of anesthesiologist and obstetrician patient will be monitored continuously about her pulse, BP, respiration, oxygen saturation and foetal well being by Doppler.
  • Statistical scientific data shows false perception of backache is not due to epidural.

If the patient needs caesarean operation, anesthesia will be given through same catheter.

When EPIDURAL ANALGESIA contraindicated and when patient refuses they will be given following options:

  • Parenteral narcotics: IV/IM pethidine/tramadol, infusion of fentanyl/remifentanil do relieve pain for some extent.
  • Inhalation anaesthetic: Entonox-50% O2 +50%N2O, Sevoflurane do relieve 30-40% of pain.
  • Nonpharmacologicalmethods: Trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, touch and massage, water bath, acupuncture and hypnosis, may be beneficial but no proven scientific data.

So the epidural painless labor is the most efficient in terms of pain relief and safety for both the mother and baby.

Craft Hospital & Research Centre is committed to provide the best service to the Mother & New Born.

Painless Labour

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