First Visit

Initial consultation: Your first visit to CRAFT should be on any random day and doesn’t have to fall on your periods date. This is the day where we find out all your problems pertaining to fertility for both the partners. Our medical team will guide you after an extensive review of your medical history and comprehensive infertility workup. Your blood/scan investigations and semen analysis results would be ready on the same day and you’d be going back with a complete treatment plan, the medicines to be consumed for the next few months, next review date and a cost estimate needed for your treatment at the end of day 1.

Second Visit

After medications stage, your second visit to the hospital is to prepare you for ovum pick-up and this usually happens on second or third day of your menstrual cycle. Stimulation injections would be administered to stimulate your eggs to reach maturity for the next 7-10 days, and there would be routine blood tests and scans to monitor the growth. When the eggs are matured, we give a final trigger before they are ready for pick-up and on the pick-up day, semen of the husband is collected. Ovum pickup would be done under local anaesthesia. Depending upon the conditions of your endometrium and preference of the couple, the embryo transfer is decided by your consultant. In most cases, embryos are frozen for a frozen embryo transfer which yields better results. Hence, embryo transfer is shifted to the third visit.

Third Visit

Couples need to visit us for Frozen Embryo Transfer. Embryo transfer is the process where embryos are deposited into the uterus. Embryo transfer is a quick and easy procedure that does not need sedation. A b-HCG blood test after 12 days of transfer will decide the result of the IVF cycle done.

IVF Cycle

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