Dr. C. Mohamed Ashraf

  Chairman & Medical Director      MD, DGO, DPS (Germany)

More than 30 years of Experience and a dedicated spirit. Leading Fertility Consultant in India and Abroad. Fulfilling each dream of parenthood is his goal. An Eminent Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist and Endoscopic Surgeon having almost 25 years of professional experience and now leading 5 super specialty healthcare organizations in India and Middle-East as Chairman and Medical Director, Dr.Mohammed Ashraf is one of the leading Fertility Consultant both in India and Abroad. Since 1998 he has been a visiting specialist gynecologist and laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai, since 2007 consultant gynecologist in Doha and Senior consultant in OBS-GYN at Muscat since 2010.


He pioneered CRAFT Hospital & Research Centre group, which is an advanced tertiary care centre in India for all types of Fertility disorders,high risk pregnancies,Male Infertility and sexual disfunctions,Medical Genetics-PGD and Level 3 NICU. Today CRAFT stands unique with 50000 + babies being born at their centres.
Having had his education and specialist training in India and abroad, He also serves as the Member of International Society for Reproductive Medicine since 1995, Member of International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy since 1995, Member of American Association of Gynaec Laproscopists (AAGE), Member of European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) since 1998.He is also the proud recipient of  various awards and recognitions – Major ones being ’International Young Scientist Award’ by 5th World Congress on Endometriosis held in Yokohama, Japan, 1996 and the “Gandhian Sevana Puraskaram” Award Holder of 2003,Best Doctor Award by IMA. Professional excellency award by Lion and Rotary International.He is also the Ex-President of Kerala Association of Gynaec Endoscopists (KAGE).

Proactively involved in Educational and Research activities, Dr.Mohammed Ashraf heads CRAFT Academy which is one of the most sought centres in the country for ART and embryology related training. CRAFT academy has so far contributed almost 30 Post Graduate ART specialists and almost 10 Embryologists in the field of clinical embryology and has ongoing training for many aspiring doctors and fellows.

He is an advocate for quality and ethics in infertility treatment and profoundly encourages research and development. Accentuating his strong commitment towards society and environment, he strongly involves in Corporate Social Responsibility and is actively involved in many philanthropic activities. Bringing all facets of Infertility Management under one roof including Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Embryology, Sexology and Andrology, Genetics- PGD and Neo-Natology, CRAFT has become the primo choice for Infertility treatment transcending borders.


  • Paper on “Micro-dissection testicular sperm extraction as an alternative for sperm acquisition in the most difficult cases of Azoospermia: Technique and preliminary results in India” published in “Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences
  • Co Authored various text books on Infertility and ART
  • Honoured by M.G.R MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Chennai, as Adjunct Professor
  • Attended various Endoscopic Surgery Workshops at National and International levels Conducted Endoscopic Surgery Workshops in State level
  • Have been accredited ’International Young Scientist Award’ by 5th World Congress on Endometriosis held in Yokohama, Japan, 1996.
  • Presented papers in various Infertility Seminars at National & International level
  • Attended the ISGE World Conference held at London in 1995.
  • Presented paper on Endoscopic Management of Endometriosis (a study involving about 2800 cases over a period of 3 years), held at Yokohama, Japan in 1996. This was selected for International Young Scientist Award.
  • Two Video presentations at the ISGE World Conference held in Singapore in 1997. One Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for 24 week size fibroid uterus and another one Endoscopic Management or Endometriosis.
  • For the Sixth World Conference on Endometriosis held in Canada – June 1998, paper on 3 stage management of Recurrent Endometriotic cyst using Ultrasound guided aspiration, GnRh analogue followed by Laser Endoscopic Surgery was accepted.
  • Presented paper on Endoscopy in the Annual Congress of ESHRE at Tours, France in 1999. Attended the next congress of ESHRE at Bolognia —Italy in 2000. Attended ESHRE Congress, Switzerland in 2001, Vienna in 2002 and Sweden in 2011
  • In 2004, presented a paper on the use of letrazole in IVF, preventing OHSS in the World IVF Conference held in CANADA
  • In 2008, April abstract on Minimal Stimulation IVF was accepted in the ISMAAR Conference held in LONDON.
  • In 2008, July, abstract on Vitrification of Embryos was accepted for the ESHRE Annual conference.
  • Had been invited as faculty for various annual conferences under Kerala Association of Gynaec Endoscopists, Kerala chapter of FOGSI in various years from 1994 to 2002 and in different conferences in India. Presenting papers on Infertility treatment, various Endoscopic Procedures, on Sonography related to Infertility and Management of High Risk Pregnancies.
  • Organizing Secretary of International Conference on Infertility and IUI Workshop in Cochin on September, 2001.
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