Signs and Symptoms of Male Infertility

Infertility problems in men are more common than you might think. Among couples who are having trouble starting a family, one-third of the time those troubles can be linked to male fertility issues. Many different medical conditions and other factors can contribute to fertility problems, and an individual case may have a single cause, several causes, or—in some cases—no identifiable cause.

Signs and Symptoms of Infertility in Men

While there may be no other obvious signs of infertility, there are a few warning flags to look out for. These include:

Ejaculation disorder

The “ejaculation disorder” is one of the most common symptoms of male infertility. Some men experience rare ejaculation or early ejaculation, while some others have a very low volume of semen during ejaculation. All of this come under ejaculation disorder.

Lifestyle factors such as alcohol and tobacco use can contribute to infertility, as can participating in high-intensity sports or activities that might expose your testicles to high temperatures (like saunas or occupational exposures).

Structural problems

Anything that blocks the genital tract can stop the flow of semen. This could be a genetic or birth defect. Infection or inflammation from a sexually transmitted disease can also block semen. Other causes include scar tissue from surgery or twisted, swollen veins in the scrotum.

Lack of Sexual Desire

Usually, men produce a greater amount of testosterone, a hormone responsible for their libido or sex drive. If due to some hormonal issues, there is a dip in the testosterone, then their sexual desire or drive decreases.

Pain or Swelling in the Testicles

A dull pain or swelling in your testicles is not normal and seeks immediate medical attention. There many reasons for this condition that includes testicular tension (twisted testicles), Epididy mitis (testicle infection), Hydrocele (building up of fluid around testicles) and hernia.

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